Every Tree Counts

Help us Plant 1 Million Trees

With around 440 trees planted per person, CO2-related climate change would be halted 100%. Start planting trees now in order to neutralise your own CO2 emissions – for life.

Plant a Tree today with our Partner Grow My Tree

The Calculations of the CO2 emissions are based on research gathered by our partner. The sources for these calculations can be found here:

With every bundle, Trees are planted in the Global South

Small farmers in partner countries of Grow My Tree tend the young trees and can also draw their income from them.

Take a First Step. Plant Your Trees Today.

We have to change on all levels and tree planting is an important lever that helps to stop climate change – it is a first step among many other measures to stop climate change. At the same time, it empowers the local population to use their own resources sustainably and thus build a new model of global collaboration. Find out more about the work of our partner Grow My Tree.

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